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Dietary supplement with vitamins, minerals, trace elements, coenzyme Q10 and secondary plant substances (lycopene and lutein).
PZN Package Size
04472428 04472434 90 Capsules 270 Capsules


Multivitamin preparation for nutritional stress situations  
PZN Package Size
12599858 12599864 90 Capsules 270 Capsules


Dietary supplement with selenium. Balanced composition with selenium (to support the normal function of the immune system) and amino acids.  
PZN Package Size
01878868 30 Capsules


myfemella is a quadruple combination of spore biotics, cranberry, goldenrod and lactoferrin.  
PZN Package Size
16838679 30 Tablets
16838685 90 Tablets

myflora comfort

The new generation of bacterial cultures combined with artichoke extract and acacia fibres.  
PZN Package Size
16838656 16838662 30 Capsules 90 Capsules


Dietary supplement with thymus extract.  
PZN Package Size
14294502 90 Tablets


Dietary supplement with thymus, selenium and zinc in particularly high dosage.  
PZN Package Size
10143864 30 Capsules

Vit D3 biosyn®

Vitamin D3 to support your immune system.  
PZN Package Size
12601012 Package with 1 bottle (content: 20 ml).